Diamond Intelligence Brief Accusations Denied by Winsome Diamonds

Diamond Intelligence Brief Accusations Denied by Winsome Diamonds

In a recent news article, Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Limited has denied accusations made in an article written by Mr Chaim Evan Zohar published by the Diamond Intelligence Brief.

In a statement made to the Diamond World website, Winsome Diamonds emphatically denied trading links between the Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Limited and its customers, as alleged in the Diamond Intelligence Brief tabloid.  Furthermore, Winsome Diamonds went on to say that the information published in the Diamond Intelligence Brief was false and misleading.

Winsome instigate that the claims made by Mr Chaim Evan Zohar have been wholly untrue and part of a smear campaign which the author has been waging against the company since 2012.  Winsome points out that Mr Chaim Evan Zohar has ignored several key facts and has sought to derail the recovery process at every opportunity.  In the Diamond World article, they explain that the allegations date back to the Kroll Report, which was factually rebutted by Winsome Diamonds on 24th August 2013 to Punjab National Bank.  Winsome Diamonds points out that they have responded to every allegation made against them in the media through official channels provided via the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Limited Director, Mr Udani, told Diamond World that Winsome is a public limited company.  Indeed, it was the first diamond company to go public, and prided itself in the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance.  Mr Udani explained that the company’s current predicament was not due to management error but the company was simply a victim of circumstance.

Mr Udani went on to say that the Kroll report, commissioned by the consortium and which formed the basis of several allegations made against Winsome by Mr Chaim Evan Zohar, is largely based on hearsay and fabrication, as proven by court appointed experts.  He pointed out that Winsome is pursuing a 1 billion US dollar law suit against Mr Chaim Evan Zohar, Ms Rachel Segal and Mr Eli Cohen of Diamond Intelligence Briefs, though the defendants continue to evade service of court papers.

The Winsome Diamonds Director explained that Jatin Mehta remains a personal guarantor for the company, despite having resigned from all executive roles.  Mr Udani indicated that Mr Mehta appears to be the victim of some sort of litigious vendetta, despite being fully co-operative and having left Winsome to start his own business some two years before the alleged incidents took place.

Source: http://www.diamondworld.net/Content/Winsome-Diamonds-denies-accusations-made-by-Diamond-Intelligence-Brief-report/13153

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