Times Now Removes Defamatory Videos About Winsome Diamonds

Times Now Removes Defamatory Videos About Winsome Diamonds

Times Now, the Indian news channel that previously featured unfavourable stories on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017 regarding Winsome Diamonds and the company’s promoter, Jatin Mehta, has recently removed all video coverage of the story from its website, sparking speculation about the reasons for its misreporting.

The Times Now news channel began airing a ‘Pay India Back’ TV series in April 2017, with coverage running during primetime news slots.  In one of its episodes, Times Now alleged that Winsome Diamonds not only had ties to politicians and leading industrialists, but that the company had defrauded a consortium of banks.  In response to the allegations, Winsome Diamonds stated that the reports were wholly fictitious, scandalous and defamatory, rendering the broadcasts illegal.

Winsome Diamonds subsequently served the Times Now channel with legal notices on 12th May 2017, as well as submitting the following letter to the Bombay Stock Exchange:

Whether Times Now was misled or coerced into publishing the articles, all reference to the offending content and videos has subsequently been removed from their website following service of legal notices by Winsome Diamonds.  In a letter to Winsome Diamonds, the Times Now news channel pledged to the company that the videos would be kept in abeyance and not featured on their official website in the future.

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